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Monday, September 08, 2008

Prayer Request For My Sister Betty

Could you, my dear blogger friends please pray for Betty?
She will be having a triple by-pass surgery on Wednesday at 1:00.
Our family would really appreciate this.....Love Terry


Friday, December 14, 2007

YouTube - David Ring Testimony

Friday, July 21, 2006

Flat Field of Canola Flowers

My Manitoba Roots!!

Yeh!! Even though I am as old as the hills and have been away for so many years my heart still lies on the prairies!

It is so rare that I put myself into any pictures. Always putting people into sunsets I am, but not for me!

I think I will be the happiest smiling from a Manitoba flat field of canola!

How SWEET it is!!!! ......

Monday, July 17, 2006

Betty And Her Three Book Worms

After Betty said her farewells to her husband, John, we were on our way to Toronto!

Here we are sitting at the airport waiting for our flight out west to the good old prairies!

As Amy sits with her mother,Rachel and Matthew seem to be up to something.
The last picture here shows what has been their scheme. Apparently Big sister,Rachel has brought a large supply of books and soon they have settled down to read.
Just to think we are on our way to a school reunion!
It seems that Betty has taught her children the value of a good book!
Very unusual these days in the modern world of the television and the computer.

One thing I know though. Good book or no, Aunt Terry is determined to get a window seat. After all, she can catch up on her reading ANYTIME. In the MEANTIME, she has to keep herself busy taking pictures out the window!
So read on my little nieces and nephew!

By the way, that Rachel managed to read four books during our three day stay in Rivers!
And her auntie? Well she took hundreds of pictures plus a dozen or so videos!!! Rachel only snapped about half a dozen pictures while her favorite aunt read only about half a dozen pages of our new yearbook![senior style!]

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Gone Was Our Large House on the Prairie!!!

When Betty and her children and I visited our old Manitoba homestead last week, we did not like what we saw!

For sure and the house was literally gone!!

Betty and I stood at the beginning of what used to be our street. The road was gone and the green grass and sprawling trees were growing wildly where there was once the sound of busy children running and playing and laughing and crying!

I "borrowed" a picture of what used to be our house from a man that had taken pictures of the air force homes before the houses were all torn down.
Actually, I just photographed a picture of the picture that was hanging on a wall at our school reunion.

Other buildings that had remained were dilapidated and run down, and THAT is what is left of the place that we used to live!

I was told that after the air force base had been shut down that the land was bought and a pig farm was put in. And the very nerve of those people!
They used OUR base swimming pool to wash those pigs in!!

Very, very sad indeed!!